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Maasai Belts. Authentic. Colourful. Kenyan.


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Manyatta belts are available in several designs

Manyatta belts are also available in eight standard lengths

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Manyatta News

Anyone like to model for Manyatta? Send in a photo?

We are always looking for new images and the belts look best, unsurprisingly, when actually worn. If anyone would like to send in a photo of themselves wearing a Manyatta beaded belt, a discount would certainly be guaranteed on the next order. It’s fun to......

Happy New Year!

A very happy New Year to all Manyatta customers and friends. It’s been a busy 12 months and thanks to everyone for their support. The commissions for club and regiments continue to arrive and this probably gives us the greatest pleasure. These sorts of beaded......

Get ready!

Straight after Christmas, we go in to our winter sales – all belts will be £65. You will not get belts so long lasting and high quality anywhere else for this price!...

Queen’s Gate School

A big thank you to all our customers at the Queen’s Gate School Christmas Fair. Great school, great girls, great parents!...

Bespoke belts: Your club? Your school? Your regiment?

Would you like to commission a Kenyan belt, authentically beaded by the Maasai in either Amboseli or Ngong? To date, we have commissioned for the Hurlingham Club, the Coldstream Guards, an Old Rugbeian, the Queen’s Club, the MCC, the Chelsea Arts 🎭 Club, the Old......

Tusk Trust

Manyatta is committed to supporting Tusk Trust. Every purchase made of a Manyatta beaded belt directly benefits conservation in Africa....

Kenya Elections

We wish all Kenyans a safe and peaceful aftermath to the recent elections. Kikuyu or Maasai or Luo, stronger together....

Information leaflets

Buying a Manyatta belt comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed on quality, delivery speed and authenticity. We feel, however, it is important to give our many customers more information on the heritage and origins of the belts. So we came up with this leaflet which we......

The new Turkana belt

We never stand still at Manyatta. When we asked for another design to add to our products range, our suppliers came up with this wonderful belt. We have named it Turkana, after the awe-inspiring region of northern Kenya. Remote, beautiful, hard to access and hot,......



The Maasai inhabit the African Great Lakes region and are pastoralists who are famous for their fearsome reputations as warriors and cattle-rustlers. The Maasai have been creating beaded jewellery, well before their first contact with Europeans and has been an important part of Maasai culture. Every Maasai woman learns the jewellery making craft and traditionally Maasai women set aside time every day to meet and work on beaded jewellery which includes colourful necklaces, belts, bracelets, and pendants.


The colours used in the beadwork are selected for their beauty and are also symbolic having important meanings understood by the tribe. The main colours used in Maasai beadwork are; Red – stands for bravery and unity, Yellow or Orange – symbolises hospitality, White – represents peace, purity, and health, Blue – represents energy and the sky, Green – symbolises health and land, Black – represents the people and the struggles they must endure.


Today, beading serves as a major source of income for the Maasai people who struggle to maintain their way of life in a constantly changing Africa. By purchasing this product, you are directly helping to support the Maasai women, their families and helping them to maintain their culture.


These belts are made in Kenya and sourced from four different groups of Maasai ladies. Each group supports over 20 women and hundreds of children. The leather comes from Kenyan cows and produced in a tannery in Thika. The beads are sewn on by Maasai mamas in the Ngong Hills and Amboseli National Park. The buckles are fashioned in Kibera, a massively deprived area of Nairobi.


Manyatta supports Tusk Trust and every sale will result in a donation to Tusk.

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