Beader Biography: Eunice

Beader Biography: Eunice

Eunice is a Maasai mama with 5 children who hails from the Kajiado region of Kenya, a dry and stunningly beautiful area close to the Tanzanian border, around halfway between Nairobi and Arusha. A true Maasai homeland.

Her favourite design is any one of the traditional Maasai ones – Manyatta’s Lamu, Samburu, Tsavo and Turkana. It reminds her of her own proud heritage and ancestry.

As is the Maasai tradition, she looks after cattle, sheep and goats as well as her 6 children.

She was taught beading by her own mother from when she was a small girl. The beading skill is handed down from generation to generation.

It takes Eunice 2 – 4 days to bead one belt.

When asked how best to describe herself, she simply replied ‘mama’ – a word so much more than simply ‘mum’ but embodying the cultural and familial significance of that role.

She would love more orders from Manyatta – her primary ambition is to use the income derived from these orders to educate her children.

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