Beader Biography: Gladys

Beader Biography: Gladys

Gladys is a Maasai mama with 5 children who hails from the Kajiado region of Kenya, a dry and stunningly beautiful area close to the Tanzanian border, around halfway between Nairobi and Arusha. A true Maasai homeland.

She started to bead at the age of 9, taught, as is traditional, by her own mother. The beading skill is handed down from generation to generation.

She tells us that she is grateful for the orders given to her by Manyatta customers as it boosts her income hugely and she is thus able to buy more goats, sheep and cattle (livestock to the Maasai is equivalent to cash or a bank account to us).

She says that it takes 3-4 days to bead one belt and that her favourite styles are the plain and striped ones.

So, just think, if you commission Manyatta for just one new belt, you can make Gladys have an enjoyable and profitable few days. She tells us that she is always on standby for new orders!

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