Thanks to all these supporters…….

Thanks to all these supporters…….

So, where to begin? It’s been a year of expansion for Manyatta (helped by being recognised by Tatler magazine in its It List of 2018) and it’s been great to see the 2 strands of the business succeeding nicely. The traditional Maasai beaded belts have sold well, particularly in the USA but also across Europe and even as far as Australia. I had an order for 5 belts from Texas and the same from France – it has prompted me to look a little more closely at the best delivery methods! It’s interesting that when it appears one style is proving popular, another one ends up taking over. So it’s difficult to predict which will be the most popular in 2019 as it tends to even out over the course of the year.

My huge thanks go to Jo Carroll and Everlyn in Nairobi. Both sticklers for high standards and quality, it helps me enormously knowing that the beaded belts will arrive in great shape. Jo kindly forgives me my IT incompetence, collating all orders with no fuss while running a successful business in Kenya, family life etc. We constantly test Everlyn with a new belt style and she takes it on with grace and efficiency.

Thanks also, of course, to the wonderful Maasai beaders in Kenya. I would say particular thanks for the job they do with new commissions – some of the belts have very specific beading patterns and they always triumph.

More thanks need to go to various people (in no particular order): Geoffrey Matthews at The Chelsea Arts Club, Andrew Stewart at Queen’s, Lucy Baker at Ludgrove for her help with nailing the right colours, Pamela Cesire at The Kenya Society, Freddie Fox at Eton Ramblers, Simon Ledger for help with regimental belts, Mark Walton for help with The Royal West Norfolk Golf club, Lucie Parnell at The Hurlingham Club, Guy S-B at The OERTC, Panda Christie at The Grapevine Works, Sir Lachlan Campbell for his help with Eton colours, Tom Dawson at Sunningdale School, Guy Pease for his support with I Zingari Australia, Harry Steel likewise for I Zingari in the UK, Rupert Henson at Radley Rangers, Peter Bender in The States, Dan at Tusk Trust, Tracy Hanbury, Kate and Robert Holmes and Richard Henman at Henman Communications.

Finally, a big thank you to all Manyatta’s customers – I appreciate your business and I hope you enjoy wearing the wonderful (and often unique) Maasai beaded belts.

Apologies if you are reading this and I have left you out!

Here’s to an even more successful 2019. A happy New Year to you all.




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