Sale belts

Sale belts

A fundamental part of Manyatta is the creation of Maasai beaded belts in club, regiment, school or association colours. More often than not, we hit gold first time and the beaded belt is approved. Occasionally, the belt is not quite correct – the colour might not quite represent the club or the customer might like a horizontal rather than a vertical beaded belt. This has resulted in some belts which are just as stunning and cleverly created as any other but do not quite fit the bill.

So what to do with them? We have decided to build into the website a new tab in the shop section. This will be called ‘Sale Belts’ and will be on offer for £55. They have the quality of any other beaded belt, they take the same amount of time to hand bead, but they are just cheaper!

Inevitably, they tend to come in one size (a few have more than one size) but if the cap fits…….

Do have a look and you could be in luck!

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