Green, Red & Silver (vertical) - size 36 only

£55 £75
Size 36 only. This belt was created for a very famous golf club in the south of England. No clues as that would be far too OPEN of me. 

Unfortunately the colours, although very close, were not quite there. Still a very beautiful belt of dark green, white and red.

Same Manyatta quality, reduced price sample. What's better than that? 

When they're gone, they're gone!

All of our belts are hand beaded in Kenya by the Maasai, using an average of 6000 beads.

We use the highest quality leather to ensure our belts are extremely long lasting and durable. This belt is 1.5 inches wide. 

All belts vary slightly in colouration but follow the same style, this is part of their uniqueness. 




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